Character Reference: Griffin Reed


I’ve been asked to write a character reference for Griffin Reed: he’s been suspended from his position as a guide at Glasgow Museums, apparently for “making unkind remarks about a child” (the son of a museum assistant by whom Griffin claims to have been bullied.)

Griffin acknowledges that he remarked on the boy’s “strange” appearance but insists that the observation was prompted by concern rather than malice – a distinction that I’m inclined to believe; Griffin has many faults but he is not spiteful. I wonder, though, why he’s so eager to retain a position that is unpaid and evidently regarded with contempt (last month he was targeted by another frivolous complaint – for ‘stealing biscuits’.)

It does sound as if he’s being targeted for particular attention, though it could be argued that he’s voluntarily filling a position for which someone else might be paid. This is sure to aggravate the militant tendency who probably regard him as a variety of ‘scab’.

I’ve drafted something for your perusal: let me know if there’s anything you’d amend.


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